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SEVILLA - TEATRO DE LA MAESTRANZA - GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG  Likewise, the evil Hagen is entrusted to a bass tessitura with low registers difficult to interpret within the big orchestra. Christian Hübner, a singer specialized in Wagnerian roles, correctly embodied this role, very much to the liking of the audience.  Stefan Vinke - Linda Watson - Elena Zhidkova - Martin Gantner - Christian Hübner
Christian Hübner Bass Tristan Isolde Marke Warsaw Tomasz Konieczny
Christian Hübner Bass Das Rheingold Palermo
BUENOS AIRES - TEATRO COLON - DAS LIEBESVERBOT  Absolute revelation is Lise Davidsen, with a voice of amazing flow and dynamic and expressive resources. Also dazzling, vocally and by humor the bass Christian Hübner as a delicious Brighella, Lise Davdisen - Christian Hübner



Christian Hübner was back demonstrating his versatility as Hagen in Götterdämmerung, completing a marathon effort of one role in each opera (Fafner, Hunding, Fafner again and Hagen). Hübner is a giant of a man whose physique is more suited to the giant Fafner than the dwarf-born Hagen, but both vocally and in acting, he proved a credible evil scheming genius.                                                                                                                The Bachtrack

The hard-working Christian Hübner sang Fafner, Hunding and Hagen - a young but true "schwarzer Bass" of honoured tradition, and a singer who has the towering physique for all of those roles.

                                                             Opera Archive


Christian Hübner sang a magnificent, powerful Hunding and Fafner with intelligent acting. Here is a young Wagner talent announcing itself.                                                                                Der Neue Merker


Many highlights remained. My own favourite, probably idiosyncratically, was the dying Fafner, changed from dragon to his original giant form, telling Siegfried the story of what has happened. Christian Hübner sung elegiacally, with true nobility and strength, contrasting with Fafner's noisy bluster when in dragon form.                       


This ring leaves a very good impression, mainly thanks to four amazing singers: ...the impressive bass by Christian Hübner as Fafner, Hunding and Hagen ...                                                


Not only of tall stature, but especially of a great voice: Christian Hübner as Fafner, Hunding and Hagen with dark and powerful bass, theatrically brutal and calculating                  


Christian Hübner (Fafner) sang with gusto and strength and fitted the character from head to toe.


Christian Hübner as Fafner, Hunding and Hagen is a basso profundo, black-colored as you wish for it.                                                        

Christian Hübner is brilliant as Fafner, Hunding and Hagen.


Remarkable voices, especially Gunther, Fafner und Brünnhilde


Christian Hübner as colossal Fafner (physically and vocally), as well as Hunding and Hagen                                                                 

To be remembered are the voices of Alberich and Fafner and Sieglinde                                                                                                                      bien public

Vocally and physically colossal, Fafner of Christian Hübner remains in our memory, as well as Hunding and Hagen



As a youthful Marke, Christian Hübner sang with conviction and a powerful low register reminiscent of Matti Salminen. The resonant low B natural on “Mir dies” was a perfect example.


                                      The Bachtrack



Among the soloists, especially the young german bass singer Christian Hübner as Falstaff stands out. Hübner´s Falstaff is powerful and substantial. The "Main Hit"  "Als Büblein klein ..." is mastered in a sovereign manner, a remarkable overall performance!

                                 Der Neue Merker

Christian Hübner as Sir John Falstaff with gorgeous bass-voice
                                        Der Standard


In the center is a perfect casted Falstaff: Christian Hübner dominated the scene with his rich bass-voice
                                    Volksblatt Wien


Christian Hübner underlines Falstaffs credibility with his voluminous and bottomless bass organ
                                     Wiener Zeitung


Christian Hübner impressed with titanic figure and powerful bass-organ
                                             Der Kurier

Christian Hübner as a sovereign Falstaff

                                    Kronen Zeitung

And amidst this turbulent mix of musical comedy and opera Falstaff Christian Hübner was not only the anti-hero par excellence, but dominated the action on stage with his imposing height and its wonderful rich bass.


Christian Hübner, a bolt of man, who almost towered over his colleagues by a head, equipped the Sir John not only with an imposing voice, but also with the right amount of playfulness.




The other giant Christian Hübner (Fafner) sings it with a very evenly proportioned and shining timbre


Christian Hübner (Fafner) with powerful bass timbre



The giants Fasolt and Fafner, enormous in their physical and vocal power...



The male voices were are all fantastic Christian Hübner (Fafner) with a big and very evenly proportioned voice



Projecting over the brilliant orchestra: Only the Norwegian soprano Lise Davidsen and the two basses: the german Christian Hübner and the very talented Hernán Iturralde.

                                               La Nación

​The Bass Christian Hübner shaped a Brighella full of humor, projecting easily with his voice over the complicated orchestration.

                                     Desde La Platea


Also outstandingly dazzling, vocally and as a comedian, Bass Christian Hübner as a delicious Brighella.                                                                               Ambito

Christian Hübner (German bass, début) did a convincing Brighella (maybe the most authentic buffo role), an arrogant policeman happy to arrest and judge... but secretly he goes to the Carnival: his deep bass-voice is also accustomed to the great Wagnerian villains (Hunding, Hagen).

                               Buenos Aires Herald


German Bass Christian Hübner (Brighella) demonstrated his powerful timbre, indeed effective.                                                                                           La Prensa


Christian Hübner (Brighella) with powerful bass voice                                     

                                                  Mundo Clasico

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