warsaw filharmonia  tristan & isolde

warsaw filharmonia tristan & isolde

as a youthful king marke, christian hübner sang with conviction and a powerful bass-voice reminiscent of matti salminen - more than just satisfaction - the bachtrack.com - cast - michael weinius - jennifer wilson - christian hübner - michelle breedt - tomasz konieczny

tokyo new national theatre  siegfried

tokyo new national theatre siegfried

christian hübner has a splendid bass-voice, his singing made me feel the majesty of a big dragon - cast - stephen gould - ricarda merbeth - andreas conrad - greer grimsley - christian hübner - thomas gazheli - christa mayer

teatro colon buenos aires  das liebesverbot

teatro colon buenos aires das liebesverbot

absolute relevation is the norwegian soprano lise davidsen, as well as bass christian hübner, shaping a brighella full of humour, projecting easily with his voice over the huge orchestra in teatro colon - cast - kaspar holten - lise davdisen - christian hübner

sevilla teatro maestranza götterdämmerung

sevilla teatro maestranza götterdämmerung

as for the dark and tormented hagen the powerful voice of christian hübner, thunders in the theater and invokes hagens vasalls in one of the most spectacular scenes of the evening. teatro de la maestranza - cast - linda watson - stefan vinke - christian hübner - martin gantner

rheingold - walküre - siegfrid - götterdämmerung

rheingold - walküre - siegfrid - götterdämmerung

christian hübner was back demonstrating his versatility as hagen in götterdämmerung, completing a marathon effort of one role in each opera - fafner, hunding, fafner and hagen. hübner is a giant of a man, and both vocally and in acting he proved a credible evil scheming genius - bachtrack.com

press here - götterdämmerung audio

christian hübner - bass