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Christian Hübner  -  Bass

Götterdämmerung Audio Act I

Tokyo New National Theatre NNT - Siegfried

Christian Hübner has a splendid bass-voice, his singing made me feel the majesty of a big dragon

Stephen Gould        Ricarda Merbeth     Christa Mayer       Andreas Conrad        Greer Grimsley

Thomas Gazheli      Christian Hübner

Opera Dijon - Rheingold - Walküre - Siegfried - Götterdämmerung 

Christian Hübner was back demonstrating his versatility as Hagen in Götterdämmerung, completing a marathon effort of one role in each opera - Fafner, Hunding, Fafner and Hagen. Hübner is a giant of a man, both vocally and in acting he proved a credible evil scheming genius 

Sevilla - Teatro de la Maestranza - Götterdämmerung

Likewise, the evil Hagen is entrusted to a bass tessitura with low registers difficult to interpret within the big orchestra. Christian Hübner, a singer specialized in Wagnerian roles, correctly embodied this role, very much to the liking of the audience

Stefan Vinke              Linda Watson         Elena Zhidkova       Christian Hübner      Martin Gantner  

Warsaw Filharmonia - Tristan & Isolde

As a youthful King Marke, Christian Hübner sang with conviction and a powerful bass-voice reminiscent of Matti Salminen - the

Michael Weinius       Jennifer Wilson       Michelle Breed       Christian Hübner      Tomasz Konieczny

Buenos Aires - Teatro Colon - Das Liebesverbot

Absolute revelation is Lise Davidsen, with a voice of amazing flow and dynamic and expressive resources. Also dazzling,  vocally and by humor the bass Christian Hübner as a delicious Brighella

Kaspar Holten           Lise Davdisen          Maria Hinojosa       Peter Lodahl              Christian Hübner

Christian Hübner Bass
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