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Götterdämmerung Wagner Sevilla Teatro de la Maestranza

Likewise, the evil Hagen is entrusted to a bass tessitura with serious registers that are difficult to interpret within the dense orchestral texture that usually accompanies his interventions; Christian Hübner, a singer specialized in Wagnerian roles, embodied this role correctly, to the great liking of the public.

Christian Hübner was back demonstrating his versatility as Hagen in Götterdämmerung, completing a marathon effort of one role in each opera (Fafner, Hunding, Fafner again and Hagen). Hübner is a giant of a man whose physique is more suited to the giant Fafner than the dwarf-born Hagen, but both vocally and in acting, he proved a credible evil scheming genius

Götterdämmerung Akt 1
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